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Impacts on Sport, Music and Dance


My name is Jeff (43). Three years ago, I agreed to have my auditory processing assessed, as I had become moody, I was battling to sleep and a few years before I had been diagnosed with ADHD and put on various meds to help with the problem. As a result of that assessment I decided to begin AIT training to see what effects correcting auditory processing would have in my life. My wife noticed several distinctive positive changes in my behaviors and attitudes during the therapy and after its completion.
My experience with the recreational sports I enjoy has changed for the positive. I believe that AIT had a direct effect upon my ability to focus more directly. An example of this change occurred during my regular volleyball playing. The games seemed to be easier to concentrate on during play. My improved focus had me anticipating positioning and strategy better. During the close matches when competitive play was heightened I was able to cope better. Under these stressful circumstances my instinctive moves and skills came easier without having to think, but rather just react to my anticipations. Overall my game has improved to the point that my partners and competitors have noticed how I am able to get myself set up better to utilize my skills during the fast paced play over hard fought points or game point.
Another sport I have done all my life is surfing. I believe that the changes in my processing from AIT have helped me appreciate more the actual experience of being in the water and predicting the surf. Part of this comes from my improved concentration and focus. The actual improvement in my surfing has been more related to my overall feeling of calm and the lack of anxiety that I used to feel before during and after a session of surfing. I find myself less worried about other surfers and changing conditions. Before I would be overly conscious of the other surfers and their moves that kept me from exercising my full potential to get into position for the wave. Now all I do is scan to see who is where and forget about them and focus on the water. Before I would not be as aware of the changes in the break until I had already drifted way off the line. Now it seems as though I can better judge the break and position myself better to take fuller advantage of the water. Just being out there on the water with a stronger sense of realization and calm has made my surfing experiences far better that it used to be before I had AIT.
I have even seen a difference in my golf game. My feel for the game has improved because I am more aware of my stroke and I can pinpoint and feel when it's off or figure out what is making me inconsistent with my play. Before I just played through the game. Now I am analyzing and correcting to improve. Just the aspect of concentration alone has made me shoot straighter and focus down on my putting. Overall I have a better understanding of the game. I can better visualize my play and work to improve it right on the spot that day during the game. I am not completely sure about how theses things have occurred however I have gone through many distinctive changes through AIT that have improved my recreational sporting experiences tremendously.
I don't seem to have the ADHD anymore and my sleep patterns have improved that I am now able to sleep a full night without any interruptions and feel refreshed in the morning. This has enabled me to focus better at work. I feel that AIT has improved my life in many ways and would recommend it to anyone who feels that their life could be improved.
Many thanks to Khymberleigh and her wonderful work.
Jeff - Manhattan Beach

Our son (17) Austin has always played the guitar well, but since AIT his playing has advanced enormously. We are sure that the training fine tuned his auditory processing, to help him process sounds that he infrequently used. Austin has gone from a backyard band player to an upcoming musician who is now asked to play at venues in and around LA and Malibu. We cannot thank Khymberleigh enough and are extremely proud of Austins talents.
Mr. and Mrs. Feldman - Malibu

I am a 69 year old man who felt I needed help with my hearing. I was referred to Khymberleigh by an old friend who is a Speech Pathologist. Once I had been assessed, it was found that nothing was wrong with my hearing but rather that I had hyposensitive processing. It was explained to me that there was a delayed reaction between my ears and my brain. I decided to do the 10 day training to help me with my processing. Although I had drastic improvements in my ability to focus and retain information given to me by others my biggest improvement was after the 10 days of training I noticed that my golf game had improved. Before AIT my handicap was 18, 9 months after AIT I have improved so much that my handicap is now 9. I am very happy about that and all my friends are amazed how music can change my golf game.
Sal - Bel Air Estates, CA

Cole is (15) and has been playing musical instruments since he was 8 years old. He plays the piano, violin and the guitar. We first did AIT in summer of 2004. We have since done AIT every 7 months and we are so pleased with the results. Cole feels that he is now playing his instruments better than he has before he did AIT. He hears a tune and play it on any one of the instruments without even trying to figure out what the cords are. His music teachers are amazed at how he has developed and we as parents are astonished at his progress.
Mr. and Mrs. Mellet - Santa Monica

Our daughter Holly (15) has been doing dancing and gymnastics for 4 years now. We first had Holly go through a course of AIT in 2004 so she was not so stressed at the start of her middle school year. WOW!!
Not only did her school grades improve, but her confidence increased while her dancing and gymnastics were greatly developed. One day at the dance studio her teacher asked me if she had any private lessons, because she was developing much faster than the rest of the class, the only change we made was that we started her on an AIT course.
Ben and Zelda Feinstein - Malibu

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