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What doctors, parents and teachers have to say about AIT:

Mrs Johnson - Teacher - Manhattan Beach - California
The positive results in these children who have the AIT are amazing. They transform before my eyes. Children I never thought would be able to read, spell or do Math are now doing all of them, well. I would be happy if every child could go through AIT!

Mrs Katz - Hollywood - California
The children I work with who have had AIT, are all doing a lot better than those who have not had AIT. I would say that this is the starting point of all therapies, after AIT the puzzle pieces seem to fall into place.

Mrs Kirsten - Claremont - California
We were battling with my daughter's(7)(ADD) concentration, reading was a big problem and she battled to complete schoolwork. Since AIT she doesn't have a concentration problem, is reading better than the other children in her class and her not completing her school tasks is a thing of the past. She has become extremely confident and is now coping and enjoying her school days.

Mrs Muller - Teacher - Manhattan Beach - California
More parents should be made aware of this therapy. Children labeled "ADD/ADHD" and put on Ritalin should be obliged to do AIT first!

Mr and Mrs Thomson - Zephyr Cove - Nevada
From being a skeptic, I am now a total convert. It is truly amazing to see the difference in our child(8) diagnosed with a severe Learning Disability(LD) who must be one of the most visible successes. He will always battle scholastically, but what this has enabled him to do is to maximize his potential. A huge Thank you from all of us.

Mr and Mrs Roberts - New York
Our son (4) who has PDD and "did not" talk, started saying the "ABC" after AIT, but not just saying it, actually pointing to each letter and saying the name and the sound. We are amazed at what he is doing now. From being a little dubious about this relatively new treatment, we are totally convinced now. We enjoyed watching the Khymberleigh working with our child and have already booked her for our second course.

Mr and Mrs Jelly - Reno - Nevada
Our son(8) who has PDD, is extremely hyperactive, who climbs anything and everything, has no eye contact, and is not aware of danger did AIT with Khymberleigh. For the first 4-5 weeks we did not see any change and then quite suddenly he seemed to calm down, tried saying new words and was interacting with his sisters and friends in a more sociable way. He doesn't seem to have the need to climb everything now and he is also not so sound sensitive. We have seen changes in him and know that this maybe the start of many more changes to come.

Mr and Mrs Goldblatt - Hollywood - California
Our daughter (10) who has ADD, was really not coping in her class at school and was having problems socially too. We decided to do the therapy even though we were not totally convinced that it could help her problem. Within days of starting the treatment we noticed that she was concentrating better when we did her homework with her and her teachers noticed that she was able to work better in class. She also started getting invitations to play at friends houses which she hadn't had for a long time. Although we did not believe in this treatment, it worked for our child and I would say to any parent, TRY IT!!!!

Mr and Mrs Anat - LA - California
Our son (7) who has been diagnosed with PDD has became much calmer since AIT, He is making many more sounds than ever before and trying to talk both verbally and with sign language which he would not use before. He said his first word "drink" at school and the teachers could not believe it when he went to get a picture of a cup and while pointing to the picture he said "drink" again. This is a major break through. He no longer holds his head and ears crying and his sleeping patterns have improved so much that he is now getting a good 9 hour sleep instead of 2 hour sleep which was happening before we did the course. He is also playing with other children, which never interested him before, and he goes to bed and wakes up smiling. I would really recommend any parent to do AIT, it has helped us enjoy our child and it could help you too.

Mrs Moos - Minden - Nevada
My daughter(9), diagnosed with autism, and who was only able to say 2 word sentences, is now forming 6-7 word sentences. She is now able to run little messages beginning with "Mummy says..." This has never occurred before. She is remembering more and often reminds me about something that was said or done the day before. Her seizures have decreased and I attribute all these changes to AIT as no other intervention was done three months before and none since. I wish to Thank everyone involved with AIT as they have played a big part in bringing my daughter home to me.

Dr David - ENT - Tel Aviv - Israel
"What did you do to him?"....comment made to a mother of a PDD son (4), who at the last checkup six months before was not able talk and showed no interest in anything, was now saying words, making himself understood and was initiating contact with other people.

Mr and Mrs Shalev- LA - California
Our child(10) who has a mild Learning Disability(LD) has become very confident and her schoolwork has improved since we put her through the AIT course. The teachers have stopped complaining and has said she is doing very well in class. Everyone is much happier now - we don't have to put up with stomach aches and an upset child any more. Life at home is much easier now.

Mr Joseph - South Lake Tahoe - California
My daughter(3), diagnosed with CP, could not walk or talk. Since AIT she has began saying words and short sentences. She is also able to walk unaided with a stroller or "dollies pram". We are amazed at how far she has come in such a short time. AIT has been our lifesaver...Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!!

Mrs Rezant - Cape Town - South Africa
Since our son(9) diagnosed with a mild Learning Disability(LD) did AIT we have seen large improvements as far as completion of school tasks are concerned. He is much more communicative, even in large crowds. It was definitely worth doing AIT.

Mr Albert - Eilat - Israel
Our daughter (5) who has CP, was unable to do anything unaided. Simply things like clapping hands were impossible as her hands were so tightly clasped together. Unless we held her she spend most of her time in a little stiff ball on the bed or floor. We could tell that she was a bright child as her eyes told us what she knew. We decided to try AIT in the hope that she would start to talk and did not expect too much from it. Only six weeks have pasted and she is sitting unaided with her back nice and straight, she is able to pick up marbles and put them into a cup as well as clap her hands and she can say "daddy" when we ask her too. She is also able to stand for about a minute UN-aide as long as she has her hands on her hips. She is much noisier, happier and it looks like she is on the road to lots of good progress. I would like to Thank Khymberleigh for all she has done for us and hope that she can help other children as much as she has help ours.
Thank you again!!

Mrs Gray - Minden - Nevada
My son's(9)(ADD) concentration has improved tremendously. He seems to be much more positive and emotionally more stable. I would recommend AIT to any parent who is struggling with their child.

Mrs Keren - Beverley Hills - California
Our child (4) with CP could not walk or talk and was really very much delayed in her development. Almost a year after we had the AIT treatment, she is walking totally unaided and is putting 3-4 words together. We thank you for what you did!!

Mr van den Berg - Rondebosch - South Africa
My son(11) who was diagnosed with PDD and was in a special school, has had two AIT treatments. After two years, he is now in a normal mainstream school. We have seen improvements in concentration, reading, spelling and speech. He is now getting top marks in his class and has been awarded top reader in his group. His appetite has also
improved and he seems much more mature. I am glad he had the opportunity to have this treatment as we had tried so many other's and this really seems to have worked.

Rabbi Stein - Cape Town - South Africa
I firmly believe that here is a field that has enormous potential for helping those with a wide range of neural issues from the moderate to the severe in both the learning and the emotional areas.

Mr and Mrs Jack - New York
Our son(4) was not able to talk, his eye contact was not good and there was no peer play related to his age. On the second day of therapy with Khymberleigh, he started with his first word. By the end of the 10 day course he had started saying more words than we thought possible, had eye contact and was now looking for children to play with..although we can't pinpoint all the exact changes, we definitely see big changes in his behavior, speech, concentration, contact with others, learning abilities and a general all over change. Thank you, we really are grateful.

Erna van Camp - Melkbos Pre-Primary School - South Africa
As the principal of a pre-school of 90 learners, who have been working with 5-6 year-old children for more than 20 years, I am convinced that AIT is one of the most effective methods at our disposal to improve sensory integration and neurological organization. The unique sounds used in AIT are not only capable of producing effective changes in auditory processing of sound, but also have a profound effect on the reticular activating system in the brain stem and thus appear to impact on a child's sense of well-being, posture, balance and spatial organization. I believe all children should be tested. Our teachers and parents have been overjoyed and highly impressed with these learners' progress.

Mr and Mrs Tal - Eilat - Israel
Our son (9) is a bright boy but just could not copy within the classroom situation. He was easily distracted, never completed work and always seemed to be in trouble. He also had trouble with small and gross co-ordination. We decided to try AIT and just hope for the best. During the treatment, he learnt to hop on one foot, to skip and his pencil grip improved. He was calmer and was easier to reason with. He still has a long way to go, but we have been impressed with the changes that have already taken place. We look forward to our son having further therapy and anticipate even further progress.

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